I have another side of me that is somewhere out there on the internet and on paper.  I shall try and put some poems (published and unpublished) on here for my readers so...


I recently found out online that my book has been selling in New Zealand for  NZD$30 - NZD$50 per copy. Note, I have not received any money from these nor do I know any information on the number of copies sold.  I do know that I have given away about 500 free copies to friends and relatives and a couple of hundreds have been bought from me directly.  Those are just my Samoan fans..the rest of my readers I don't know where they are from. Hopefully I will be able to put out an e-copy online sometime in the near future.

where my book is sold
where you can hire in New Zealand for free
This link I just found today.  If you want a browse, you can approach one of these public libraries and hire away.
Raw edges review

Here is one of the few popular poems in my first book - Raw Edges

Half Caste
Girls of the village
Look at me in my short board shorts
And my lightly tanned skin
In their lavalavas, too hot for the tropical weather

Girls of the village
Look at me with my tangled hair
They laugh and point
leave, this is the faaSamoa teine
you are half-caste, ia another one!

Girls of the village
Look at me with my pearl earrings
who bought them
You lot! Half-caste
All the same, Kalofae...
I am an educated fool
With my short board shorts,tanned skin
Pearl earrings, My Swedish-German
Last name, Ha! How I laugh!,Kalofae...

Copyright ©2009 Juliet Enid Westerlund

Help me see

the truth

life or death

for you

Woman of Africa

Africa kills men

of no hope

Children of the future

are scorned by killing

and raping of women

and the land

and sorrow

that will not rest

That I cannot find

Help me find peace

Not just a UN word

Or promises of life and love

that do not exist

But exist I do

Do you know

What it is like

to walk alone

in a world of disease and shame

To the woman who bore me

Me the bastard of lust and AIDS

Four letter words

That seek revenge

for my lusting mother

The woman of Africa

Pasifika Arts & Literary Series
Published by : Massey University

Copyright ©2009 Juliet Enid Westerlund

 If you are interested in poetry or any other topic on my blog, feel free to leave a comment or ask questions  and I shall try my best to answer.

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