Monday, June 29, 2015

Ehhh..your grandmother was hot too!

My vision fulfilled

When Dr A (fiancee) proposed 2 new years ago, I suggested a photo shoot of some sort. Of course being shy with a busy life style does not help matters much.  Dr A strongly opposed the idea. Camera. Lights.Action. were better saved for the operating theater. His patients need him more than some photographer  and a nagging fiancee.  It was just a no fly zone.

He opposed even more when my imaginative script was explained to him. "Why would we want to do that? The photographer wants to take a photo of you in your wedding dress! That is crazy!"  
My script was easy, he is a Dr and I'm a pilot.  The two can work together, it will be a win-win situation. I wanted to include my red leather bag, his diamond and some aviators.  Easy.  The man did not see it this way.   For all he knows, I'm a consultant of some sort and yes I used to fly planes but that does not necessarily mean jack.  A pilot who is a highly paid driver (batman) versus a doctor who saves lives (superman) , we know who the superhuman is. Then again when it comes to war of wills, the woman should always have the last say? Ok, maybe not.

While Dr A was busy with his overseas training and saving lives, I was busy conjuring up the inner Director in me. JK (photographer) and I were discussing all sorts of plots and  props for this photo shoot.  He wanted aviators, white park chair and a wedding dress, I wanted my red leather bag and a plane. JK was very particular about what he wanted and I too was fixated on the red.  

Samoa Faleolo International Airport will be undergoing major construction work over the next year, our runway will never look the same again.  The terminal will look flasher than before I'm sure. Being an airport fanatic, my love for the air transport system has grown  as big as my love for farming/sleeping.  I don't think anyone has done an airport/hangar/engagement photo shoot in Samoa before thus I thought it a brilliant idea.

The poor doctor did not know what he was in for.  I updated him continuously about the planning progress.  He still did not see the point.  At one stage I said "Well...I want to do it, one day we will be wrinkly and saggy! When I'm old and grey, when I'm a fat grandma, I want to point to those photos and say to my grandson "ehhhhhhhhhh your grandmother was hot too". 

Ok. enough said, we did it. The 5 am wakeup call was worth it.  Smiling for the camera is hard work. JK and his brother were more excited about the planes than us.  Thanks to a great team, we pulled it off. So, for anyone who is hesitant to do a creative photo shoot, just do it! You too can say "Ehhhh your grandmother was hot too!"

JK's pick of the day

Dr A and I


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