Monday, January 5, 2015

Gimme a sign!

Today is a good looking Thursday.  One that comes with flip-flops, cool Chanel sunglasses, Nitrogena sunscreen and a cooler of vino.  The only thing missing from this picture is a white sandy beach and some acoustic music.  This was the morning mentality until my well designed black top went through the Human Resource Department's newly painted door and came out blue! Oh the drama.  While the poor officer's face went from a morning smile to an expression of horror, in slow motion, I knew something was wrong.  She mouthed and pointed 'paint, paint'.  

I slowly closed the door and said out loudly (in a calm manner) "where's the bloody sign!".  The poor officer immediately wrote not one but two 'wet paint'  signs outside the door.  Action.  I went straight to my office, replaced my top with a scarf and washed out the paint.  "Shux they should have put out a sign! How would I know that the silly door was freshly painted".  Flashbacks of  'Bridal Wars' came to mind when Anne Hathaway painted Kate Hudson's hair blue.  Another flashback of our last Leadership Study Tour came to mind, Samoa Tourism's presentation on some of the areas of tourism that continually needs improvement.  One of them is proper signage.  

 Proper signage should not be limited to just the tourism industry.  We need proper signage in all sectors.  Different industries are slowly understanding the benefits of adequate and distinctive signs.  Signage help  find places, promote businesses and simply get the buy in for many destinations.   Samoa is slowly connecting and understanding the importance of such.  Too little signage and too much signage can be equally confusing.  A balance must be struck between the needs of the individual, businesses, the environment and road safety (Warwickshire County Council, 2014) 

As 2015 comes with great expectations so must we expect much from ourselves.  Set yourself a few goals (no new year resolutions, they end with the empty motivational Oyster Bay), spend time with your loved ones, drink a glass of Fireball whiskey with your friends and hold on tight, 2015 will be roller coaster ride.  Enjoy it, it will fly by without a warning sign.

photo by Lars.Cronin

Etsy, 2014
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